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Highlights at a glance:

5 reasons to get the Adobe InDesign plug-in from Acolada. If you would like to learn more, then just send us your query.

  • Adobe InDesign has already been introduced into many businesses as a standardised software solution - myFabulousAgent complements familiar processes.
  • Interactive post-processing und document finishing can be carried out by both graphic designers and editors.
  • Unicode Tool: no limits to languages and fonts.
  • High Level Layout: the plug-in supports the highest creative demands.
  • Standard Tool: the producer is constantly developing the software further
Cruising information
  • Can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into authoring systems such as Sirius CMS
  • Licensed for Adobe InDesign Client or Server.
  • No preset XML structure, can be used with any XML structures.
  • Create document layouts with InDesign templates and use them with myFabulousAgent.
  • Want to learn more? The myFabulousAgent library uses an additional XML standard with XSLT.

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