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High-specification InDesign layouts published with the click of a mouse

Regardless of whether it’s technical handbooks, product information sheets or catalogues, the content is not the only decisive element in the design. When it comes to creating documents, the clearest possible presentation of complex contexts is at least as important a factor. In order to publish documents effectively, it is therefore necessary to bring the diversity of complex typographical solutions in harmony with the automation of authoring processes. Adobe InDesign has now become established in most companies as a multi-function tool for creating documents of all kinds. Though it is rarely used, the program even offers an interface for the import of XML files. This way, data from the authoring systems can be further edited directly in InDesign.

myFabulousAgent: optimally integrated into the documentation process

However: Adobe InDesign's import options for XML are not sufficient for creating document layouts of a high typographical specification. Acolada has therefore expanded the XML abilities of the program with the myFabulousAgent plug-in, seamlessly connecting InDesign to the authoring processes of authoring systems. The intelligent document automation of myFabulousAgent can make use of all functions that InDesign makes available to users via the program interface. At the same time, the documents can still be individually changed and adapted.

Consistency saves time

myFabulousAgent retains the structure of XML data and thus ensures efficient, consistent processes – up until the final proof-reading period: changes in InDesign are applied directly in the authoring system and no longer have to be carried out twice. The same also applies, of course, to multi-lingual documents.

Plug-in with "memory"

One particularly practical feature when creating several layout versions is myFabulousAgent's "layout memory", which "remembers" the graphic positions in the XML. In this way, it is easy to reproduce earlier versions of the document when required. This also significantly reduces the amount of work in the creation of multi-lingual documents.

Cruising information
  • Can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into authoring systems such as Sirius CMS
  • Licensed for Adobe InDesign Client or Server.
  • No preset XML structure, can be used with any XML structures.
  • Create document layouts with InDesign templates and use them with myFabulousAgent.
  • Want to learn more? The myFabulousAgent library uses an additional XML standard with XSLT.

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Now available also for Adobe InDesign CS6

XML and Adobe InDesign - myFABULOUS AGENT

Now is also the XML InDesign plugin myFABULOUS AGENT available for Adobe InDesign CS6. With this milestone the family is again growing. We still support all InDesign versions from CS4.

New functions are also available in the new version 4.0. Even footnotes can be expressed in XML and InDesign will render them. The underlying XML structure will be kept. You can apply paragraph styles and character styles as fromats for your footnotes

A MAC version will be available soon.